Anguilla launches new land information system


The Anguilla Lands and Surveys Department (DLS) has launched its new Land Information System (LIS) built on the Trimble Landfolio platform. The UK government awarded a grant to help Anguilla, British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, in rebuilding its infrastructure following Hurricane Irma in 2017. Trimble was entrusted with the implementation of the LIS project and worked with the government of Anguilla until 2020 and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic to implement an integrated and sustainable LIS.

Anguilla The LIS had largely remained unchanged since 1974. While the DLS had worked for many years towards a digital system, the near loss and flooding of the DLS building as a result of Hurricane Irma made it clear that the existing paper system was at extreme risk and highly vulnerable to disasters. The system had to be updated, digitized and protected. The aim of the project was to replace the current paper-based land administration data and systems with a modern, online LIS to accurately record and facilitate all land transactions.

Digitization of land information

Trimble’s land administration solutions automate and integrate land registries, cadastral mapping, and land permitting and licensing for surveyors, governments and businesses around the world. The digitization of land information is one of the pillars of the solutions offered by the company.

Leslie Hodge, director, Department of Lands and Surveys said: “The Trimble staff associated with the project brought key best practices and strong technical capabilities as well as a wealth of experience in their respective land related fields to the implementation of the project. The application of Landfolio met the expectations of the DLS of Anguilla to provide a state-of-the-art land information system to serve the government of Anguilla and its inhabitants. ”

Landfolio will help the DLS to ensure that Anguilla land records are standardized, auditable and accessible – increasing government transparency, ease of doing business, and efficient collection of stamp duties and fees associated with land transactions.

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