Apple requires frequent testing of unvaccinated employees


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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes that the Amazon online store should pay more taxes in the UK. It should be fairer and Johnson will also tell Jeff Bezos later Monday, he told reporters before boarding the plane for the United States. Bezos is the former CEO and current president of Amazon.

All G20 members backed a plan in July to introduce a minimum global tax rate to prevent companies from shifting profits. This should lead to a broad reform of the international corporate tax system. This means, for example, that larger companies have to pay taxes in the country in which they do business.

If this minimum is really set, European countries will have more rights to tax American technology companies like Facebook and Amazon, for example. It has been suggested that the minimum rate for large companies should be at least 15 percent. The current average for this type of tax is around 6 to 7 percent.

Johnson also said he would urge Bezos to improve working conditions for workers in the UK. (ANP)


Apple will require unvaccinated employees in the United States to undergo frequent coronavirus tests. With this, the tech company is taking a new step in its Covid-19 policy, as the group still does not require the vaccination of employees.

Unlike a number of other companies in the tech industry, Apple employees are not required to be vaccinated. But the company is getting stricter in encouraging employees. For example, Apple previously launched a campaign to encourage employees to get vaccinated.

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