Brown has named Sharon P Pitt as vice president of information technology.


Sharon P. Pitt, a technology leader and seasoned strategist, has been named vice president of information technology and chief information officer at Brown University, effective December 1, 2022. Sharon Pitt headshot

A veteran technology professional who has held leadership positions on the campuses of the University of Delaware, Binghamton University, George Mason University and North Carolina State University, Pitt brings decades of experience and a data-driven approach to information technology, research and support and promote academics Skillfully building the infrastructure for future growth.

Pitt will work alongside Brown as the university’s chief information officer, reporting to Sarah C. Latham, its vice president and chief financial and administrative officer. Pitt will use Latham’s diverse skills and breadth of expertise to help Brown’s research enterprise and lead the development of cutting-edge technology, data and digital solutions for faculty, staff and students, according to Latam.

With a foundational IT infrastructure that supports campus learning, research, and operational requirements, Sharon is “ideally equipped to foster Brown’s culture of innovation.” She has significant expertise in instructional technology and research and is actively involved in information technology nationally, so she knows how to take advantage of new opportunities to ensure that the University’s systems are safe and as efficient as possible. high caliber.

Pitt said, “I’ve dedicated much of my professional life to advancing teaching and learning technologies, and I’m very excited to bring my unique perspective to Brown to accelerate development in these areas. I will work responsively and cooperatively with Brown faculty, staff, and students to meet the unique computing, networking, and security requirements of many disciplines while pursuing the university’s strategic goals and guaranteeing systems that are always reliable.

Pitt said she will use her experience to develop secure and durable systems to meet the ever-changing needs of a complex university environment, as well as to provide advice, innovation and service to the Brown community. Pitt will also use his expertise to advance Brown’s technology environments that support research and education.

Pitt joined the University of Delaware in 2017 as Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, where she made contributions such as expanding high-performance computing capacity in Data Science Institute and increasing online learning capabilities.

To strengthen interdisciplinary research and scholarship as well as innovative teaching, as outlined in the university’s differentiation strategic plan, Pitt will collaborate with Brown. Brown will launch a new project at Providence that will allow researchers in biology, medicine, neuroscience, biotechnology, public health and other fields to work on health as an illustration of a new initiative using state-of-the-art technology. An integrated life sciences building is what we are preparing.

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  • Brown named Sharon P. Pitt as vice president of information technology.
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