Canada: Authorities respond to a structure fire near the intersection of Sherbrooke Street East and Durocher Avenue in Montreal East on June 26

June 26, 2022 | 15:23 UTC

Authorities respond to a building fire in Montreal East, Canada, on June 26. Road closures, reported power outages; probable persistent disturbances.

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Authorities have been responding to a fire at a recycling center in Montreal East since June 26. The scene of the five-alarm fire is believed to be near the intersection of Sherbrooke Street East and Durocher Avenue. Authorities advised individuals to avoid the area and closed Sherbrooke Street East to traffic between Broadway Avenue and Joseph-Versailles Boulevard. Thousands of customers suffered power outages in the area as a result of the blaze and the associated firefighting operation. While officials say the fire is likely to continue until the end of June 26, they say there is no threat of the fire spreading to nearby oil refineries. Authorities did not immediately report any casualties related to the fire.

Heightened security and localized transportation, business and power disruptions are likely in Montreal East over the next few hours as the emergency response continues. Residual disturbance is possible after crews put out the fire amid likely recovery operations and survey work.


Avoid the area until the situation stabilizes and authorities give the all clear. Look for alternate routes around the incident site. Consider staying indoors if there is a lot of smoke, especially if you have a respiratory condition, such as asthma, or conditions that pose an increased health risk from exposure to smoke. Eye irritation is possible; rinse irritated eyes thoroughly with clean water.


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