Center issues notice on amendments to information technology rules, to set up grievance appeal board


The Union Government has issued a notification on changes to the Information Technology Rules 2021 (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Digital Media Code of Ethics), making significant changes to the dispute resolution mechanism. grievances, including the creation of a committee for this purpose.

On Friday, the central government published the Information Technology Amendment Rules (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Digital Media Code of Ethics) 2022 in the official gazette, introducing Rule 3A, which provides for the establishment of a grievance appeal committee.

The new Rule 3A has mandated the Union of India to establish a Grievance Appeal Board(s) within three months from the date of entry into force of the Information Technology Amendment Rules (Guidelines intermediaries and digital media code of ethics), 2022.

Each grievance appeal committee is composed of a chairperson and two full-time members appointed by central government, one of whom is an ex-officio member and two are independent members, in accordance with Rule 3A(2).

The rule further stated that a party aggrieved by a decision of the grievance officer could appeal to the committee within 30 days from the date of receipt of the communication from the grievance officer.

It further provided that, when examining an appeal, if the Committee considered it necessary, it could request the assistance of any person having the qualifications, experience and expertise required in the matter.

The Committee will adopt an online dispute resolution mechanism, in which the entire appeal process, from the filing of the appeal to the final decision, will take place digitally, according to the amendment.

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He added that all orders made by the Committee must be complied with by the intermediary concerned and that a report to this effect must be uploaded on its website.

In line with the government notification, the amended rules place responsibility on social media intermediaries to ensure that users comply with the due diligence requirements set out in the IT Rules 2021.


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