CSU Unveils Campuswide Information Technology Strategic Plan


Ryan Barone, Central Planning Team Member, Assistant Vice President for Student Success, explained that this forward-looking IT strategic plan showcases the best of CSU, with a focus on fairness, learning, security and operational excellence, while authentically co-constructing actions through the spirit of shared IT governance.

“Although I was the only person on the central planning team to have ‘student success’ in my title,” he said, “I was inspired by the fact that my colleagues did surfaced for the first time and consistently advocated for a policy area explicitly focused on student success. ”

Strategic areas

The plan aims to strengthen the partnerships that exist among members of the campus community, while fostering collaboration to achieve a set of goals that have been developed by key campus stakeholders.

For each of the four strategic areas, there will be a DoIT Sponsor and a Campus Sponsor, who are ultimately responsible for leading the work in those areas. More details and the latest progress of the plan can be found at it.colostate.edu/csu-it-strategic-plan.

  • Student Success: This strategic initiative builds on efforts already underway to support student success with the overarching goal of ensuring faculty and students have equitable access to technologies and data that drive a teaching and learning experience. improved.
  • IT governance: This strategic initiative aims to develop a thoughtful, collective, and inclusive IT governance structure that will preserve trust, cohesion, and the continued development of strong CSU campus IT relationships, while ensuring better communication and alignment of IT resources to better enable the main mission of the University.
  • IT security: This strategic initiative brings a campus-wide approach to improving cybersecurity practices by creating a standardized approach to managing user devices, providing more robust training programs, and developing policies and communications designed to raise awareness of best practices and strengthen the wider IT community. ability to protect all members of the CSU community.
  • Operational Excellence: The overarching goal of this strategic initiative is aligning systems and applications at the campus level for greater operational efficiency. The initiative aims to better understand the current portfolio of systems and applications in use, while developing a plan to reduce any duplication of effort and close any gaps in service.

According to the leaders, the department’s division of IT strategy and planning will spearhead the efforts needed to operationalize the IT strategic plan. Designated co-sponsors will serve as visible champions responsible for strategic priorities and will also provide direction, guidance and support to those leading the work.

The co-sponsors will meet monthly with their respective project teams, determine resources needed, and provide quarterly updates, keeping the CSU community informed of their progress.

“I am certain that in the months ahead, we will work with our campus stakeholders and university leaders to ensure our path forward is the right direction for the CSU community,” Bernier said.


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