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Konami just released Structure Deck: Cyber ​​Attack for the Yu Gi Oh ! TCG. This deck comes with tons of cards to support a new strategy mixing Cyber ​​Dragon and Cyberdark cards. I’m not sure if that makes either strategy competitive, but maybe I’m wrong. I feel like the Yugituber Ruggles helped get people excited about Cyber ​​Dragon with its recent Sealed only series. The deck comes with much of the core needed for this deck as well as a core of Cyberdark monsters so you can create the new Cyberdark End Dragon monster that’s no joke. It has 5,000 ATK, is unaffected by activated effects, and can attack multiple times in a turn. Of course, there are cards fans will likely want to add like Cyber ​​Dragon Infinity and Cyber ​​Dragon Nova. Fortunately, these cards are not very expensive.

Of course, even if you don’t care about either of those strategies, the game comes with the must-have Infinite Impermanence at Super Rare which, at the time of writing, costs $ 10 to him alone for the cheapest version. You might as well take a ton of other cards, right? Unfortunately, we’re missing a copy of Lightning Storm like the OCG version, but it’s still not bad. Overall, this is a very good structure deck and blows up some of the more recent entries we’ve received. Below you can see me unboxing the deck because Konami was kind enough to provide me with a copy. Are you excited for Cyber ​​strike?


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