Dame Dash to launch online network, Dame Dash TV


Dame Dash is teaming up with television provider FilmOn to launch its own lifestyle television network, Dame Dash TV.

According to Billboard, the network will offer programming adapted to millennials and intended for aspiring entrepreneurs. The content will be produced and developed by Dash’s Damon Dash Studios.

“What you’re looking at now is millennial DNA from my perspective,” Dame said in a statement. “This synergy with FilmOn’s global platform will bring our content to an even wider audience. We get fat. And stay tuned for scripted content soon.

There are already several shows in preparation including, Intelligent movements of the boss which will feature Dash and Dr Boyce Watkins providing business information, Hip-hop motivation, a talk show that will feature guests like Cam’ron and boxer Andre Berto, and Ballin ‘secret, which is a get-rich-rich guide and features ideas from successful artists such as Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, and Faith Evans.

Additionally, Dash will use FOTV’s channel to promote its clothing line, Poppington, with an app that will allow viewers to purchase what they see on its network. He will also launch the action film he produced with Kanye West, Film mixer tape, on the network.

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