ECD Census to build an information system on data management


For the first time in South African history, an early childhood development census will take place from August to December 2021.

A total of 129 teams, made up of two field agents assigned to 30 rural districts each and three field agents to 45 urban districts, will visit approximately 48,000 sites in 4,392 districts in 12 weeks, starting August 23, 2021.

The ECD census will be launched today by the Minister of Basic Education, Ms. Angie Motshekga [August 26], at an online event.

As announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa during his State of the Nation address in February 2019, the responsibility for leading and coordinating the early childhood development (ECD) sector will pass from the Ministry of Development. social at the Ministry of Basic Education (DBE).

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However, the responsibility for ECD is an integrated service, with the departments of basic education, social development, health and cooperative governance playing a key role in delivery.

In addition, NGO networks, ECD forums, neighborhood counselors and ECD coordinators will all play a critical role in helping to identify ECD programs and advocating for the census.

The program is placed within the General Directorate of Business Intelligence and is co-directed by the Directorates of the Education Management Information System (EMIS) and the Coordination, monitoring and evaluation of research (RCME), in collaboration with the Main Directorate of Foundations of Learning.

Accurate and limited information on ECD delivery is available, and the lack of empirical data regarding the levels and nature of ECD delivery hinders informed allocation of resources, practitioner support, policy development and initiatives. planning.

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The 2021 DPE census will count all registered and unregistered DPE programs to create a data management information system for the DPE sector.

Funded by the LEGO Foundation, the data and indicators will establish the baseline for assessing the quality of play-based learning in South Africa.

During data collection, field workers hired by Ikapadata, a survey research and data science company, will make an appointment to visit each ECD program to conduct interviews with the relevant principal or representative and record observations.

The information collected will be used to integrate ECD into the Education Management Information System (EMIS) and expand programs to support education and play-based learning.

The survey will also make observations on the facilities available at the sites to enable planning for greater inclusion of children with disabilities and the implementation of integrated health and safety programs.

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