First Croatian online network and social media platform under development


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Aug 4, 2019 – A Croatian-run tech company in Australia is building what will be the first of its kind, an online network and social media platform for Croats and those interested in Croatia.

Kraljevic Technology is currently developing a Croatian online community and social network and is hoping for a beta in the coming months.

“We are doing this because we believe that the future of online communities and social media will depend less on big players like Facebook and more on developing smaller niche offerings for communities that focus on bringing people together. specific interests. Some groups and entrepreneurs are already doing this. for their fans and customers with excellent results, ”says Nik Kraljevic.

Nik says the idea is to launch the Croatian online community and social network which has been building up very slowly over several months.

“I myself have definitely started to move further and further away from Facebook and similar apps in light of the recent scandals of the past 2 years, however, I like to periodically connect with other Croats in the many Facebook groups that have been created. I have also been fortunate enough to work with many talented people many of whom have gone to work in companies like Facebook and Google, but unfortunately there is not much optimism about the survival of large platforms like Facebook in the future as they are today as they struggle. to find ways to make money out of their users, as ad selling is becoming less and less viable for these businesses. “

After seeing many of the entrepreneurs he follows start building similar online communities giving them more freedom and control to customize and create things for their clients, Nik decided that it would be great to do something about it. the Croatian community which would help them to communicate and interact better, but also to share information and network.

“There are also some great things that crop up like encouraging more of the diaspora to come back to Croatia, so we think what we are creating will be a great addition to the wider community and all the great ideas that other entrepreneurs are developing. form closer bonds between Croatians and Croatia fans, ”says Nik.

Nik and his team are currently garnering interest for a beta of the first online community in the next 2 months.

“We’re more than happy to chat with people and take suggestions as we unveil our plans in the coming weeks and ask our beta users what features and capabilities would be most interesting to them,” concludes Nik.

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