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In line with information technology rules, 2021, tech giant Google India removed nearly four lakh bad content in May through an automated detection process.

The company said it received 25,694 complaints from individual users located in India through designated mechanisms during the one-month reporting period.

“These complaints relate to third-party content that is believed to violate local laws or personal rights on Google’s SSMI platforms,” ​​the company said in the report.

“The complaints received fall into different categories. Some requests may allege infringement of intellectual property rights, while others allege violation of local laws prohibiting types of content on grounds such as defamation,” he said. he adds.

More than 24,000 of these complaints were about copyright infringement, followed by trademark infringement (433) and other legal issues (257).

The tech giant removed 62,673 pieces of content that violated community guidelines in response to user complaints.

Google mentioned that when it receives complaints about content on its platforms, it evaluates them carefully.

The allegations are filed under the rules of the EU’s GDPR, a European data privacy regulation designed to ensure that the personal data of Europeans is not misused.

Apple and its associated company have asked the Competition Commission of India (CCI) to provide relevant documents submitted by a Rajasthan-based informant against Apple and ADI, people familiar with the developments told ET.

Roe’s reversal has more broadly renewed questions about the amount of data and digital leads people have produced that could be used to monitor or target those who attempt abortions.


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