Guilty Gear Strive update 1.05 fixes online network errors


Guilty Gear Strive update 1.05 is available for download on all available platforms, bringing fixes to the game’s online mode.

Developer Ark System Works rolled out the patch today to PS4, PS5, and PC. It mainly focuses on network play, but makes some minor improvements elsewhere with the addition of Korean VO.


Since launch, players have reported issues with the stability of the online network. In their recent update article, Ark System Works confirms that they are aware of issues preventing some fighters from accessing the game’s online features.

Guilty Strike / PS4 – PS5 – PC update 1.05 patch notes

Title screen
• The opening movie will now be played after being idle on the title screen for a while.

• Added Korean voiceover. Voices can be changed by selecting “Settings” from the main menu.

Story Mode
• Fixed graphical issues.
• Please note that due to this fix, current backup data prior to the update will no longer be readable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Network Mode – Fixed several errors that occurred during general online matches
• Fixed an issue where the * symbol was sometimes included in the search ID for player matches
• Fixed an issue where the player’s position at the Duel Station was changed when matchmaking was canceled directly before the match.
• Fixed an issue where the displayed search poster differed from the actual match occurring when a match was launched simultaneously at the same seat in Player Match mode.
• Fixed a display error that occurred when a match was found on the character selection screen when the player was looking for a match in Training mode.
• Fixed an issue that caused the game to become unresponsive for an extended period occasionally after changing the player’s status from waiting for a match to spectator at the end of the previous match.
• Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes fail to enter Practice mode when searching for a match after the player canceled their waiting status for a match after ending a match in Player Match mode.
• Fixed an issue where the rotation rules were not followed correctly if there was a long time difference between players returning to the room after a match ended in Player Match mode.
• Fixed an issue where it was impossible to follow your opponent from the results screen after a match.
• Fixed an issue where the best fight icon would display even when it should not work on the results screen after a match.
• Fixed other small issues.

Gallery Mode
• Added additional movies to Gallery mode. Additional content can be added to the Gallery by obtaining it by fishing.

• Fixed an issue where the game would crash after scrolling through the Replay Theater and Watchlist for a long time.
• Fixed several errors related to keyboard key configuration. (steam version only)
• Fixed an issue where more device icons would show up than the actual number of devices connected to the character select screen only on initial game start. (Steam version only)

In our Guilty Gear Strive review on PS5, we scored the last fighting game sequel an 8/10:

“Guilty Gear -Strive- excels in all the things you’d expect – the music is sick, the characters look crazy, the fights are fun, and May’s players deserve nothing. He’s an old dog who has learned new tricks, and all of those tricks are awesome. At the same time it feels like it can be a lot more. Story mode is awkward and online mode can take a bit of work, but I’m sure post-launch support will increase, we’ll see stellar improvements on both fronts.

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