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It takes more than doctors and nurses to care for the hospital’s more than 300 patients at any given time. In this segment, presented in partnership with Edward-Elmhurst Health, we introduce you to different staff at Edward Hospital and highlight their different services.

Edward-Elmhurst Health Information Technology Department

Officially named one of the most wired hospital systems in the country, it takes a team of skilled analysts to manage all of the technology behind the various applications of Edward-Elmhurst Health. Their information technology (IT) department manages these applications that many doctors, nurses, clinical staff, registrars, and even patients use on a daily basis. These applications include:

  • MyEEHealth mobile application for IOS and Android which helps patients track their health anywhere, 24/7.
  • MyChart Patient Portal: Available online and through a mobile app, patients can communicate with their doctor, manage their appointments, access test results, request prescription renewals and register for appointments.
  • Virtual tours, including electronic visits (online diagnosis and treatment planning via online messaging in MyChart), telephone visits and video visits.
  • Real-time online planning for Physician Visits and Tests: New and current patients can schedule an appointment with one of Edward-Elmhurst Health’s 272 physicians, physician assistants or advanced practice clinicians. Patients may also schedule lab tests, mammograms, heart scans, x-rays, dexa scans, and other procedures.
  • Remote monitoring to monitor and track the health of patients while they are at home.
  • Real-time waiting time: emergencies, immediate care, walk-in clinics
  • On the way / Save my place to shorten your wait for immediate care and Edward-Elmhurst walk-in clinics.
  • Chatbot Virtual Assistant (“Eleanor”): Symptom Checker for COVID-19 and General Care Navigation.
  • HealthAware Online Risk Assessments for heart disease, stroke, sleep disturbances, cancer, diabetes, weight, substance abuse, depression and anxiety.
  • Online cost estimator and online bill payment
  • Online course registration

While much of what the staff do to support these applications is technical in nature, they also often work with patients remotely to ensure their information is accurate and up to date and to help them navigate. in these services. This is particularly relevant when it comes to MyChart patient portal, empowers patients and their families to:

  • Access test results
  • Request for prescription renewal
  • Communicate with their doctor via video visits
  • Manage and schedule appointments

Application analysts in the IT department describe MyChart, which is available on all smartphones, “having your medical records in the palm of your hand.” Most recently, Edward-Elmhurst Health also made the app available on bedside tablets for patients during their hospital stay.


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