For some borrower profiles, it is possible to redeem a single loan and add financing for a new project. This specific offer is subject to conditions.

Payday loan debt consolidation: Online content and offers just for you

As its name indicates, the payday loan consolidation consists of having several payday loans collected in order to obtain a single monthly repayment. Here is some advice on how to consolidate payday loans online.

In general, for a borrowing household, it is a banking operation whose purpose is to reduce the debt ratio. Indeed, with several loans in progress, this rate can quickly exceed the accepted limit and lead to bad debt.

Usually, a credit redemption requires meeting several criteria before starting the process. Among these criteria, the condition sine qua non for grouping loans is to have at least two in progress. Nevertheless, under certain conditions and for certain profiles, it is conceivable to buy back a single loan and to include the financing of a new project in this purchase. At Solutis, this specific file typology can be grouped together. First, this offer is reserved for real estate owners who have at least one loan in repayment.

How to buy a single loan and ask for new financing?

For that, whatever the amount of the credit to be bought back, the new financing can concern only certain types of project. On the contrary, and specifically for this offer, the acquisition of real estate can not correspond to the new need.

But for a real estate owner, the need for work is not a sinecure. On the contrary, they may require additional funds to unlock on a budget. In the specific case of a grouping for a single loan and new financing for works, these will not be the subject of a request for a building permit. Development or beautification work may be considered but the largest work may be excluded.

The grouping for a single loan with the financing of new projects is a new offer proposed by Solutis. For specific profile information, borrowers are invited to perform a free online simulation. A Solutis advisor will then directly contact them for the first answer in principle. Depending on the profile, the best buy-back offer with a single loan may be offered.