Hospital Information System (Epic coming soon!)


In June, Hamilton Health Sciences will say goodbye to paper records and hello to a state-of-the-art, all-digital hospital information system for storing patient health records.

A new system for you.

On June 4, 2022, Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) is launching Epic – a modern system that provides a unique personal health record for every patient. Putting all of your health information in one easy-to-access place will improve patient safety and quality of care. This is the biggest clinical transformation in HHS history.

Epic will be used at all HHS sites. This will significantly improve the way we provide care across all of our programs and services for the community of 2.3 million people we serve in southwestern Ontario.

Moving to a new electronic platform to manage all of our patient healthcare data will:

  • Increase patient safety and quality of care by having everything in one place
  • Make patients more active partners in their care with tools like MyChart
  • Improve health across the continuum of care by enabling providers to better communicate with clinicians at our sites and beyond the hospital
  • Give our staff and physicians a better way to manage patient data and make smarter decisions in real time
  • To maintain our organization among the leading hospitals in Canada as a center of excellence in care, research and learning

7 things you need to know about Epic

while you are here

1. Tell your story once: Upon arrival, we’ll work with you to compile a complete list of your medications, allergies, vaccinations and more. Before your departure, we will provide you with an updated list based on your doctor’s prescriptions. This avoids drug mix-ups and makes it easier to manage your prescriptions.

2. You may receive an armband that allows us to verify your identity, medications, allergies, and other important information that helps us keep you safe.

3. Your healthcare provider may use mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet to document the details of your care. These devices are secure and help us enter your information accurately and quickly, directly into your medical record.

4. You will receive a summary of your visit and action items when you return home, including new prescriptions, dietary information, and exercise instructions.

When you come home

5. You may have the option to follow up with your health care provider from the comfort of your own home, via a secure virtual platform.

6. The launch of Epic also includes a new MyChart patient portal integrated into the Epic system. This secure online portal allows patients to access their medical records and personal health information in one secure place from your phone or computer. You can also designate a relative to have access to it. Learn more about MyChart.

7. You now have educational materials at your fingertips to support your health journey beyond the hospital. Your care team can email you articles, or you can read these materials directly in your MyChart account.

As our team transitions to our new system, Epic, your visit may take a little longer. We appreciate your patience and understanding as our teams make this important change to serve you better.

If you have any questions or concerns, speak with your healthcare team or contact Patient Experience at [email protected] or call 905-521-2100 ext. 75240.

No need to keep a paper medication list. Find your current medications on MyChart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Epic?

Epic is a hospital information system used to securely store and manage patient health records electronically. It is used by hundreds of hospitals around the world and across Ontario. HHS will launch Epic in June 2022 to improve how we manage health data. As part of Epic, patients can use MyChart, an online tool and mobile app that patients and families can use to access their own health information anytime.

What is the impact for patients and families?

Patients will benefit from a smoother journey through our hospital system. Their health information will be available in one place, which means healthcare providers involved in their care can access the same information, even if a patient’s care spans different hospital programs and sites. This reduces duplication and improves the efficiency of care.

Will there be any changes in my care?

You will receive the same high quality care from HHS. We are working to make this transition a smooth one for all patients. You may notice slightly longer wait times as our staff and physicians get used to a new system. This is only temporary and we appreciate your patience.

Will my information be secure?

We treat your personal data seriously. It is our duty to protect your personal health information. To provide accurate and comprehensive care, your healthcare team needs to collect information about you. This information is securely stored in our new system. Additionally, all HHS staff and physicians receive privacy training and we conduct regular audits to monitor privacy practices at our hospitals. Learn more about our commitment to patient privacy at

What other changes can I expect during my stay/visit?

Many of the changes you see are aimed at improving your hospital experience and safety. You may receive an armband that allows us to verify important information about you. You may notice that members of your healthcare team use mobile devices to collect and communicate information. It’s all part of improving the way we care for you.

Will my visit take longer than usual?

As our team transitions to our new system, Epic, your visit may take a little longer. We appreciate your patience and understanding as our teams make this important change to serve you better.

Why are you doing this now during a pandemic?

Our old hospital information system was outdated. Epic will put us in a stronger position to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the ever-increasing demands on our hospital system. More importantly, Epic will help us provide safer care.

What is MyChart?

MyChart is a digital portal you can use to track your hospital appointments, view your test results, and view summaries of your visit. It ties directly to Epic, the system we use to store your personal health information. MyChart will also allow you to attend virtual care appointments, if this option is available to you. You can download MyChart on your mobile device or through your home computer. MyChart will allow you to play a more active role in your hospital journey as well as that of your loved ones thanks to different levels of access.

Why am I being asked to share information about my race and ethnicity?

Our new system allows us to collect this information. You may be asked to share it on a voluntary basis. Race and ethnicity data could be used in the future to support health research or to inform hospital initiatives focused on equity, diversity and inclusion.


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