Hua Nan is recruiting IT talent


  • By Crystal Hsu / Journalist

The state-run Hua Nan Commercial Bank (華南 銀行) said yesterday that it will recruit IT staff to meet development needs as technology reshapes the banking industry and accelerates digital transformation to stay competitive.

The century-old bank said it needs specialists in Java programming, software development, project management and systems integration training.

Almost 70% of companies placed more importance on IT talent in the post-COVID-19 period, with the percentage peaking at 86% among financial institutions, Hua Nan said, citing a survey conducted with CIOs through the iThome technology website. .

Photo: Kelson Wang, Taipei Times

Hua Nan invites job seekers displaced or affected by the COVID-19 outbreak to join the company by following the recruitment tips on its website and that of online recruitment agencies.

The information management business of the lender has three subdivisions that support information security, information services, and information planning and development, he said.

New colleagues have the opportunity to hone their professional skills and their know-how on receiving, back-

improving the efficiency of offices and cross-cutting coordination and integration, in line with their interests and strengths, he said.

To attract IT talent, the lender said it ditched its conventional seniority-based promotion mechanism and replaced it with a system that values ​​performance records and certificate accumulation. .

Hua Nan said he increased wages by at least 3% per year, with employees’ annual pay averaging around 18.8 months of their monthly pay.

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