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In March 2019, Ashcroft HUB announced the creation of a new online community channel, now known as the HUB Online Network (HON). Half website, half YouTube, it will be something unique: a website featuring a plethora of articles, as well as links to videos, many of which are personalized and showing people, places and events in the region.

Production manager Jessica Clement and videographer / editor Gareth Smart say work is well advanced on the creation of the HON. There are over 30 videos already on his YouTube channel, featuring everything from Desert Hills Ranch, Desert Daze and the recent drag races to the Ashcroft and District Fall Fair and a plea to save the Cache Pool. Creek. The channel also has a weekly calendar of events showing what is happening in the area and has participated in recent Ashcroft and Cache Creek board meetings to film the proceedings and post them online for all to see.

Clement says that with the YouTube channel up and running, work is now underway on the website. One of the strategic objectives of the HON is “to be an information platform that reflects, communicates and promotes the cultural, historical, economic and demographic values ​​of our communities”, and Clément gives a picture of what this is all about. Looks like.

“There will be blogs, behind the scenes photos, ‘making of’ features and extra stuff, and links to everything on the YouTube channel.” She adds that in addition to the video events calendar, the website will also host a community calendar, updated weekly.

Smart says that while their mandated service area is Ashcroft, Cache Creek, the Bonaparte Band and the Ashcroft Indian Band, they will be making videos for Clinton, Loon Lake, Spences Bridge, Lytton and Lillooet. He says that even though they often go out and hunt for stories, people are free to contact HON if they feel they have something that should be covered.

Clement says a lot of it must have gone to people because people don’t know about HON yet. “As people become aware, it will get better. We are here for the community and we want people to come to us.

Smart notes that the first few months were a trial period, as the team – which includes interviewer / producer / social media coordinator Dana Foster and, until recently, videographer Jan Schmitz – found out what she was able to create on her own. “We have already achieved all of our goals for the year.

The network received funding for one year from WorkBC as part of its job creation program, and HUB executive director Vicky Trill has applied for a second year of funding. In addition to paid staff, two internships have been posted for people who wish to gain experience and learn how broadcasting works.

“We’re hoping people will make their own videos, which we can upload to the channel,” says Smart. It’s part of a plan to use HON as a place where other people, groups, and organizations can link to their own videos, and HON is happy to help.

“You can hire us to do it,” says Clement. “We are videographers for hire. Instead of going to Kamloops, you can come to us and we do the filming, the editing, the special effects.

Anyone with their own videos, or a video created by someone else, is welcome to bring it to HON, although Clement warns that they are looking for things suitable for the whole family. “It’s a community channel.

“That’s what’s wonderful about our communities: I hope there aren’t two identical visions,” adds Smart. “Just because we didn’t think about [the subject] doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

He notes that later he would like to do movie reviews, and Clement says the sky is the limit. “If we can get the funding to continue, we can strengthen what we have and become self-sufficient. “

The plan is for the HON to regularly film board meetings in Cache Creek and Ashcroft and broadcast them on the channel, so that people who can’t attend board meetings, or who are only interested in one or two points on the agenda, can still watch the debates.

“It’s important for our communities,” says Clément. “It makes the meetings easier for people to watch, and hopefully it will increase civic engagement.”

At the moment, the videos focus on articles about the region, in order to establish a base. “We are very excited about this unique project,” says Clement. “We are delighted to have him here and to see where we are going. We would like to be recognized regionally and beyond, producing things beyond our communities that showcase our region and Canada. We want New Zealanders to see our videos and say ‘We have to get there’.

To watch videos already online, visit HON’s YouTube page on HUB Online Network. If you would like more information about HON and / or its videographer services, contact Gareth Smart at (250) 457-3877 or send an email to [email protected]

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