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MYAGDI, August 29: The municipality of Beni in Myagdi has launched the online income information system.

The online income information system that was previously implemented in the municipality has been extended to all ward offices since the current fiscal year, i.e. 2022/23.

Administrative Director of Beni Municipality, Dholakraj Dhakal, shared that the online revenue system was set up under the concept of “paperless governance and faceless service”.

He added, “We have used information technology to provide services in a fast, hassle-free and cost-effective manner. The public service has been decentralized to neighborhoods to meet the constraint of service seekers present to the municipal office for each job. “.

Along with this, software is used to collect details and produce invoices. It allowed local residents to pay revenue to the neighborhood office through an online system.

The system should reduce irregularities, promote transparency and ensure prompt service delivery.

Similarly, software has been put in place to prepare a cost estimate for the project. Civil status records have already gone digital in the municipality.

The municipality and wards recommendation, registration and issuance were also done online.

Mayor of Beni Municipality, Surat KC, said the ward secretary was authorized to sign the project agreement with a budget of up to Rs 500,000 by organizing technical works in the wards.

Internet has been installed in all neighborhoods to make online service delivery efficient, Dhakal added.


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