Increase the use of information technology so that income can also increase: CM


Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan reviews the finance department in Mantralaya on Monday.

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The Department of Commercial Taxation plays an important role in Madhya Pradesh’s goal of self-sufficiency

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said the Department of Commercial Taxation has an important role to play in achieving Madhya Pradesh’s goal of self-sufficiency. Along with work in other areas, income growth is also needed, for which measures must be found. Along with work in other areas, income growth is also needed, for which measures must be found. Make concerted efforts to increase revenues through effective control of tax evasion, continued action in cases of illicit alcohol, simplification of rules, departmental computerization, use of portals for reception and processing applications for all types of licenses, making government personnel efficient in information technology. strengthening of the internal audit system, modernization of departmental processes. Chief Minister Chouhan reviewed the work of the business tax department in Mantralaya on Monday. Chief Minister Chouhan said to pay attention to the implementation of Bhama Shah Yojna, make friends of businessmen and make them partners in the development of the state and adopt the best innovations of ‘other states.

Efforts should be made to increase income by identifying the items in which income is received less. Receive suggestions from trade associations and consumers and put them into action. Efforts should also be made to increase the state’s contribution to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s determination to save five trillion dollars. Discussion of the project to create two plot distilleries: creation of two pilot distilleries through tribal self-help groups in Dindori and Alirajpur districts, projects to make tribal youth master trainers for entrepreneurs and other research and training programs were also discussed at the meeting. It has been said that during the current fiscal year around seven thousand crore Rupees has been earned through excise duty. A total of 39 departments in the department are registered under the Public Service Guarantee Act. Processes have been simplified in Ease of Doing Business. As part of good governance, training programs are conducted for electronic excise based on the user manual and the video module. Work has started in the ministry on the ministry inspection portal developed from Map IT.

Arrangements are also made to receive RTI applications online. The process of regularly reviewing pension files and drafting confidential personality files and annual property files has been launched from the NIC portal. Long-term goals for the department include streamlining taxes on alcoholic beverages, controlling the collection, transportation and sale of illicit alcoholic beverages, and increasing revenue collection. In the provisional budget for the year 2022-2023, the excise revenue target has been maintained at around 12,000 crore. Five critical modules have been customized in e-Abkari. Heritage policy focuses on job creation in tribal areas. Main instructions from Chief Minister Chouhan n Efforts should be made to increase the collection of the GST. n Increase use of the proposed SAMPADA portal. n The electronic invoice system is currently applicable for around 50 items. Decide to apply it to other objects. n Positions should be filled as needed. n There should be maximum use of information technology, so that its benefit is received in revenue collection. n Complete the registration process without a face. n Use of artificial intelligence in investigative work. n Examination of the filing of the declaration.


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