Information system shuts down, causing chaos in public hospitals


Maharashtra: Information system shuts down, causing chaos in public hospitals | iStockimages

Services at public hospitals in the city have been strained after the hospital management and information system (HMIS) was abruptly shut down on July 5, after which hospital staff must manually manage OPD patient data.

This comes at a time when hospitals are witnessing large numbers of patients due to seasonal infections as well as other illnesses. According to sources, the HMIS system has been shut down due to the unpaid amount from the Maharashtra government.

The HMIS system was introduced in 2009 and implemented in 16 hospitals in Maharashtra including Sassoon General Hospital (SGH) in the following years. Doctors said long queues were forming as staff returned to perform manual entries almost after a decade of following the digital mode.

Many experienced doctors were not comfortable with the online system. But since the system is offline again, these doctors find it comfortable to work. “We have organized a few of our office workers and they are working in three shifts to make sure patient check-in goes smoothly,” said a doctor, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

According to the sources, blood and X-ray investigation reports for the past two days have been difficult for doctors and patients to access due to the HMIS shutdown.

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