Information Technology (IT) Sample Paper and Blueprint for CBSE Board Exam 2021-22: Term 1 Class 12!


Check Blueprint & CBSE Sample Paper for Information Technology (IT) and prepare for the CBSE Term 1 Board Exam 2021-22.

Check Blueprint & CBSE Sample Paper for Information Technology (IT) and prepare for the CBSE Term 1 Board Exam 2021-22. It is based on the revised CBSE 2021-22 curriculum and is important for the preparation of the upcoming Class 12 CBSE 2021-22 Information Technology Board exam.

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Information Technology (IT) Sample Paper and Plan for CBSE Board Exam 2021-22: Term 1 Class 12

Part A: Employability skills (5 points)

Unit No.

Unit name

Number of questions

(1 point each)


Communication skills-IV



Self-management skills-IV



Information and Communication Technology Skills-IV


Total number of questions

6 questions

Number of questions to answer

5 questions

Total marks

1 x 5 = 5 points

Part B: Subject-specific skills (25 points)

Unit No

Unit name

Number of questions

(1 point each)


Database Concepts – RDBMS Tool



Operating web applications


Total number of questions

32 questions

Number of questions to answer

25 questions

Total marks

1 x 25 = 25 BRANDS

General Instructions:

1. Please read the instructions carefully

2. This questionnaire is divided into 03 sections, namely section A, section B and section C.

3. Section A has 05 points and has 06 questions on employability skills.

4. Section B is 20 points and includes 25 subject-specific skills questions.

5. Section C has 05 points and includes 07 skill-based questions.

6. Follow the instructions given in the respective sections.

7. The points awarded are mentioned for each section / question.

8. All questions must be attempted in the correct order.


Answer 5 of the 6 questions given on employability skills (1 x 5 = 5 points)

1. Active listening is important in the workplace because if we actively listen to others

people (select the wrong one)

a) They will be more interested in communicating with us.

b) we can develop a long term working relationship with others.

c) we can easily identify the challenges and difficulties that others face and

provide solutions

d) we will become more popular in the workplace.

2. Which of the following personality traits is part of the popular Big Five classification:?

a) Gregarious

b) Avoiding

c) Limit

d) Obsessive

3. The contents of cells A1, A2, A3 and A4 in a spreadsheet application are 10, 15, 20, 25 respectively. If the formula = COUNT (A1: A4) is entered in cell A5, the value ___________ will be displayed in A5.

a. 70

b. 4

vs. 45

D. 65

4. What not to do during an interview

a) Take notes

b) Let your accomplishments speak for themselves.

c) Answer questions quickly and use slang.

d) Ask questions

5. ________________ is a condition in which people seek excessive attention and admiration and a lack of empathy

a) Paranoid

b) Narcissist

c) Antisocial

d) Dependent

6. What will be displayed if the following formula is entered in cell A1 of a spreadsheet = 6 ^ 2 + 15/3 * 2 – 7

a. 39

b. 15

vs. -14

D. -38


Answer 20 of the 25 questions given (1 x 20 = 20 points)

7. Which of the following is a disadvantage of web applications:

a. They don’t need to be installed.

b. They are available 24X7.

vs. They are slow compared to software applications.

D. They offer cross-platform compatibility.

8. Internet transactions are susceptible to fraud. Creating a strong password is vital. A strong password has:

a. 6-8 alphanumeric characters

b. Special symbols

vs. Only the numbers

D. Both, A and B

9. GOD means:

a. Department of Electricity and Information Technology

b. Department of Electronics and Information Technology

vs. Department of Electronic and Computer Technology

D. Department of Electrical and Computer Technology

10. What SQL keyword is used to display data based on a certain pattern?


b. IN






For all questions and their answers, download the PDFs of the sample paper and the grading scheme from the links below


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