IT News Online – SurfCT, the # 1 dental information technology company, hosted an NFL VIP event at Wynn Field Club at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas



NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 23, 2021 / Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas is home to the National Football League team, the Las Vegas Raiders. Inside the $ 1.9 billion stadium there is the Wynn Field Club, which offers a special nightlife experience to stadium visitors during NFL games. A first of its kind anywhere in the world.

Last Sunday, the Las Vegas Raiders took on the Chicago Bears, providing the backdrop for a special VIP SurfCT NFL event at Wynn Field Club at Allegiant Stadium. SurfCT is the first dental information technology company where everything is connected.

SurfCT invited some of the dental and health community’s VIPs to this event, where people had the experience of connecting with industry titans while watching an NFL game on Sunday. Some of the attendees included Mr. Paul Vigario CEO and Founder of, Dr Bruce Baird, Dr PeyRay, Dr Chase Larsen, Dr Megan Shelton, Dr Anthony Pallotto, Dr Roshan Parikh, Mr George Foreman, Mr George Lopez and d other famous stars, doctors and senior executives.

“Dentists and leaders in the healthcare industry are looking for ways to innovate, but we’ve been innovating since 2003. And that’s over two decades of experience in dental technology, dental practice design, systems dental care and innovation where everything is connected. We help physicians connect their vision, design, technology, and treatment philosophies with their brand. It is a powerful level of services offered that empowers the physicians with whom we work ” The CEO and founder of SurfCT, explains Mr. Vigario.

SurfCT is an award-winning and internationally recognized company. This is a dental information technology company that helps doctors connect and automate everything in their private practice.

“Our ability to automate a practice and create a truly digital workflow makes us the tech company of choice for dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, plastic surgeons and even physicians who seek us out when they need it. they are talking to a dentist friend who has shared what SurfCT has done for them. Our growth comes from happy physicians who have experienced the results of practice automation, true digital workflow, optimal patient experience, and practice growth by leveraging knowledge and expertise. ‘SurfCT experience,’ shares Mr. Vigario.

The team of SurfCT love what they do and always work to make our customers number one. This mix of experience, knowledge and execution is crucial. SurfCT is constantly developing its brand by taking care of its dentists, doctors and clients. SurfCT is customer centric and dedicated to building systems to help its customers achieve their dreams.

“There is no comparison with what we do. We are building systems for physicians, for the way they want to practice. We are changing their lives with the automation of practice and helping physicians achieve their dreams. There really is no competition for SurfCT and for the customers we serve, ”says Vigario. “Most of the private practices before we met operate like a local cafe. With our systems, we turn them into Starbucks. Does Starbucks compete with the owner of the local coffee shop? “

Don’t miss your chance to learn more about SurfCT and meet other titans in the dental community at future NFL games. Find out more here.


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