ITBN online network is changing the face of faith-based and family television


LOS ANGELES, November 14, 2014 / PRNewswire / – The face of Christian television is changing, and you can get a close-up view of what it looks like on iTBN, the innovative online network for the faith and family of the leader of Christian television Trinity Broadcasting Network.

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Launched in 2011, the web-viewing experience combines live access to the world’s most popular faith-based networks with over 27,000 hours of inspiring and entertaining on-demand content that appeals to every viewing demographic.

“It’s no secret that people don’t sit in front of large-area living room TVs like they did when TBN was launched 41 years ago,” said TBN’s vice president. Matthew Crouching. “With computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, iPads and other electronic devices, there are a huge range of options for how and where we watch our favorite shows, movies and other content. TBN launched iTBN to give busy individuals and families the power to access the best Christian networks and religious content on demand, at home and on the go, wherever they are.

In addition to giving viewers 24/7 live access to several global and affiliate networks of TBN, including TBN’s flagship network; the children’s channel Smile of a Child; the TBN church chain; its youth network JUCE; the Hispanic channel Enlace; and several networks in Russian, Arabic, Farsi and Italian – iTBN also offers an almost unlimited treasure of inspiring programming on demand, including:

– Up-to-date programs from TBN’s most popular departmental partners, such as Joseph Prince, Joel osteen, David Jeremiah, Kenneth copeland, Jake TD, and much more.

– Episodes of some of the most exciting and innovative shows on Christian television, such as award-winning music and talk show from TBN Praise the Lord, Treasures: true stories, Travel the route, Drive history, and Creation in the 21st century.

– The best of popular classic and recent Faith & Family movies including Facing the giants, Carman: the champion, Faith like potatoes, Hidden secrets, China cry, The Omega code, and The Cross and the Switchblade, to name a few.

iTBN also offers on-demand, entertaining, educational and inspiring programming just for children; relevant discussions, cutting-edge music, reality and extreme sports shows for teens; a wide variety of Christian documentary programming; health and fitness; uplifting holiday shows; and much more.

And with iTBN, viewers can watch clips of specific speakers, authors, musicians, and other people who have appeared both recently and over the years in TBN programs, as well as search for programs on TBN programs. specific faith and life issues they want to know more about.

Matthew Crouching said TBN’s popular app for smartphones, iPads and tablets introduced Christian TV and TBN’s wide range of on-demand content to a whole new generation of viewers. “When my parents Paul and Jan Croupton started TBN in 1973, satellite and cable were the emerging technologies, “he said.” Today, computer, electronic and broadcast technologies evolve almost overnight, and we are challenged to keep abreast of these latest innovations to meet the needs of our audience. “

He added, however, that “what does not change is the message of hope and healing through Jesus christ. And at TBN, our mission remains the same as on our first broadcast: to use all available means to transmit this message to the four corners of the earth. “

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