Jenzabar Student Information System is 2021 Most Selected Solution in Higher Education


BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jenzabar, Inc., a leading higher education technology innovator serving new students, today announced that its student information systems (SIS) Jenzabar Student and Jenzabar SONIS have combined to be among the most selected solutions by higher education institutions around the world. United States in 2021, according to a report published by Tambellini Group. Jenzabar solutions have also been selected more than any other vendor by private non-profit institutions. This is the second year in a row that Jenzabar’s SIS solutions have been among the most selected solutions in the private non-profit higher education sector.

In response to the growing enrollment crisis and the challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, many institutions in 2021 have chosen modern student information systems to help attract, engage and retain students. According to The Tambellini Group, “The number of student system selections almost doubled in 2021 compared to 2020.”

“Institutions are looking for options from solution providers for systems with modern capabilities,” said Vicki Tambellini, President and CEO of the Tambellini Group. “We expect investments in modern systems to continue to accelerate as institutions seek technology that can meet their needs.”

As competition between colleges and universities increases, the ability to provide a personalized and seamless student experience becomes extremely important. Jenzabar’s modern student information systems are designed to maximize student engagement and optimize campus operations so faculty and staff can spend more time with their students. Jenzabar’s SIS is also directly integrated with the rest of the Jenzabar suite of solutions, ensuring that institutions can find, recruit, enroll and retain students, while supporting them throughout their learning journey.

Student information systems play a critical role in supporting students throughout their learning journey, and modernized systems provide opportunities for institutions to improve their agility, operational efficiency, and decision making. Over the past 10 years, institutions have chosen Jenzabar more than any other provider to help meet current and future challenges and ensure student success.

Jenzabar’s SIS tied for the most student system selections in 2021 underscores that the institutions recognize and validate the company’s technology roadmap and vision for the future. Over the past two years, Jenzabar has launched Jenzabar Communications and Jenzabar Chatbot, and made significant enhancements to Jenzabar Financial Aid, providing institutions with essential tools to ensure student success in an increasingly digital age. Recently, Jenzabar unveiled the Campus Movement, the company’s commitment to building a world in which anyone, anywhere can find, learn and live their true calling. Part of that vision includes Jenzabar’s acquisition of Spark451, a full-service marketing and technology company providing enrollment strategies for higher education. It also includes the release of the Campus Marketplace powered by Jenzabar, a tool that allows universities to put courses on an online branded storefront so that any user, registered or not, can easily register and pay for courses. These technologies and services will help institutions expand their reach, enroll new students, and take the first steps toward a long-term vision to help create more inclusive education opportunities and sustainable institutional sustainability.

“While 2020 was about responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, institutions in 2021 were looking for solutions and partnerships to help them meet challenges that may arise in the future,” said Ling Chai Maginn, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Jenzabar. “We remain true to our commitment to ensure that our solutions and services anticipate and meet the needs of higher education. We are extremely proud that institutions continue to trust our expertise and innovation year after year.


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