Kentucky Geographic Alliance Hosts Geographic Information System Training


The Kentucky Geographic Alliance (KGA) will host Geographic Information Systems (GIS) training for educators in Kentucky in February. The training will provide educators with the tools to understand story maps and to participate in the ArcGIS Online (AGO) competition.

The training series will include three webinars on Tuesdays starting February 8 and three online modules. Educators can earn six hours of professional development and a certificate by participating in the project. The first 10 middle and high school educators to register and complete the training will win a $100 Visa gift card.

Interested Kentucky educators should email [email protected] from your school’s email.

The email should include:

  • Last name;
  • School name, city and phone number;
  • Quality education at present;
  • Subjects currently taught; and
  • Two to three sentence statement explaining why you are interested and how you could use GIS and storymaps in your classroom

The AGO competition is for middle and high school students to lead and share projects on something in their home country. Five college entries and five high school entries will receive a $100 prize.

For more information on the AGO competition, entries, important dates, and how to get started, visit the KGA webpage.


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