Kyndryl unveils new operating model and new global structure


Kyndryl, the independent public company to be formed following the separation of the Managed Infrastructure Services business from IBM, announced its establishment to bring critical technical expertise to a wider set of core digital technology environments .

Plans are on track for the spin-off to be completed by the end of the year, IBM said.

Kyndryl will create six global managed services practices and one advisory and implementation services practice to support our clients, which will bring together managed services, advisory services and implementation.

“By integrating multiple offerings into these six practices and applying our mission-critical systems capabilities to a larger digital environment, we will be well positioned to support our customers in their digital transformation,” said Elly Keinan, President of Kyndryl Group. “These practices will leverage the most experienced talent in our industry to support the success of our clients.”

The six global practices are:

  • Cloud
  • Applications, data and AI
  • Security and resilience
  • Basic enterprise and zCloud
  • Network and periphery
  • Digital workplace

Kyndryl will also implement a simplified global leadership model for key markets representing more than three-quarters of Kyndryl’s revenue.

“Kyndryl meets clients where they are on their digital transformation journey, with a small, focused team that has the essential skills they depend on to be successful,” said Martin Schroeter, CEO of Kyndryl. “Our national leaders and governing partners will be empowered to work closely with clients, make quick decisions and access the world’s top talent in the industry. Their mission will be to put Kyndryl at the heart of our customers’ progress.

Newly appointed Kyndryl executives will include:

  • Tosca Colangeli, President of Kyndryl UK and Ireland
  • Xerxes Cooper, President of Kyndryl Canada
  • Paolo Degl’Innocenti, President of Kyndryl Italy
  • Luis Roca Fernandez, President of Kyndryl Spain and Portugal
  • Markus Koerner, President of Kyndryl Germany
  • Matt Milton, President of Kyndryl USA
  • Kerry Purcell, President of Kyndryl Australia and New Zealand
  • Philippe Roncati, President of Kyndryl France
  • Lingraju Sawkar, President of Kyndryl India
  • Takashi Uesaka, President of Kyndryl Japan

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