Larry Tabb Head of Bloomberg Market Structure Research


Larry Tabb Head of Bloomberg Market Structure Research

Larry Tabb is director of market structure research at Bloomberg, LLP. Currently, Larry writes and manages a team developing research and insights on financial market infrastructure, technology, regulation, business practices and industry issues.

Prior to joining Bloomberg in June 2020, Larry was the President of Research at TABB Group. The financial markets research and strategic advisory firm where he led research and advisory for the TABB Group. Mr. Tabb has published on many aspects of the capital markets industry and has analyzed the structure of US and European markets; central clearing, credit default swaps, fixed income, equity and foreign exchange; financial market trading and processing systems; analytical trading tools; cloud computing and financial market infrastructure.

Prior to founding TABB Group, Larry was Vice President and Founder of TowerGroup’s Securities & Investments practice. Prior to joining TowerGroup, he managed business analysis for the Trading Services division of Lehman Brothers and began his career managing various operations for Citibank’s North American Investment Bank.

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