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A young Kashmiri boy, Sheikh Asif, from the Batamaloo region of Srinagar, who was forced to drop out of eighth grade school due to unfavorable economic conditions, owns an information technology (IT) company based in UK and teaches web design and digital courses online. marketing, it was reported on Friday.

He is also the author of three books on various subjects in his chosen field.

Seeing more and more educated young people from Jammu and Kashmir joining the IT industry is Sheikh Asif’s long cherished dream and he is doing everything possible to try to make that dream come true.

Cheikh Asif also had to go through many difficulties to move from dropping out of school to an international computer icon.

Refreshing his memories of his difficult but successful journey, he said his family situation forced him to say goodbye to education in the Eighth Standard.

“I reached this stage after going through several obstacles during the difficult time of my life,” said Sheikh Asif.

“My family opposed my decision to drop out of school in eighth grade, but my father’s poor health forced me to say goodbye to school in 2008,” he said.

He said: “In 2009 my father managed to buy me a computer and I started to learn the basics because I was very interested and wanted to build my career in it”

Sheikh Asif said “that at that time there was a tendency to” Tally “and I went to an institute to learn it, but I was disappointed when I was told that this work was beyond your comprehension. due to my lack of education “.

He said: “I started working as a graphic designer in a travel and travel agency where I had a monthly salary of Rs 1,500 which helped me make ends meet to some extent. However, during this time I learned other aspects of IT like ‘Excel’ etc.

Sheikh Asif said “After quitting the tour and travel job, I found a job at Tata Sky where I had the opportunity to put my skills to good use using my efforts in many areas of the world. ‘computing,’ he said.

He said “in 2014 I decided to start my own business, but the catastrophic floods that year shattered my dreams and I had to work in someone else’s office again. “.

He said: “But this time luck favored me, in the office where I got the job became the reason why I left Kashmir and went to Delhi in 2016 and then I landed in London, the capital of the United Kingdom “.

The young man said that at first I had to struggle a lot in London too.

He said: “I was a bit disappointed with the lack of work in London. Fortunately, I met a compatriot who welcomed me and told the whole story during the conversation ”.

He said: “The Kashmiri guy I met was a resident of the Baramulla district of North Kashmir and had lived in London for a long time where he also had a restaurant.”

Asif said, “He gave me a place and food to live and helped me a lot to start my own job.”

He said: “I started my own Thomas InfoTech journey in London. A lot of people came to me to do graphic design work and one of them had to create a website. “

He said: “When I created a website for one person he was very happy and paid me millions of rupees”.

Sheikh Asif said that gradually I started to design my own website with a former Google employee, Hamza Saleem.

He said: “We named this setup after a famous river in London called ‘Thomas Info Tech’ but Hamza Saleem had to move to Manchester in 2018 for his assignments and I returned to my homeland of Kashmir. “

“I teach about 900 students online in the areas of online website design and digital marketing.

Only 40 of them are from Jammu and Kashmir, including 35 girls, ”he said.

He said he has also written three books on various topics in the computer field.

Sheikh Asif says it is his dream to connect more and more young people in Jammu and Kashmir with the IT sector.

He said that just as our young people become IAS officers, doctors, engineers by entering competitions, they should also try their luck in the IT sector.

He believes that there are a lot of possibilities in this field and the young people of Kashmir can join him and show their talent and intelligence at the international level.


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