NASA is reorganizing the structure of exploration systems and space operations; Administrator Bill Nelson quoted


Bill Nelson NASA Administrator

NASA has divided an existing mission direction into two distinct directions focused on exploration systems and space operations, respectively.

The space agency said on Tuesday that its current leadership of the human exploration and operations mission would split to support a growing number of low-earth orbit space operations and distant space programs, including Artemis.

The two new organizations, known as the Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate (ESDMD) and the Space Operations Mission Directorate, will oversee their respective areas with increased attention.

Jim Free, a former NASA executive, will oversee exploration systems development as associate administrator of ESDMD. Kathy Lueders, who has managed numerous programs for NASA, will lead the Space Operations Mission Directorate which focuses on space launch and efforts, including the commercialization of Low Earth Orbit and the International Space Station.

“This reorganization positions NASA and the United States for success as we venture further into the cosmos than ever before, while supporting the continued commercialization of space and research on the International Space Station.” , said Bill Nelson, administrator of NASA.


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