Niagara sisters launch online network of post-secondary students to offer guidance for the future


Choosing a post-secondary career is a tough enough decision in itself.

But with so many uncertainties about how class will play out and when the COVID-19 pandemic might be over, many high school students preparing for this next stage in their lives have a lot of questions.

That’s why three sisters from Niagara Falls – Erica, Lauren and Vanessa George – decided to help fill this need for answers by starting the Niagara Post-Secondary Network.

They brought together nearly 30 young men and women who already have college and university experience to make themselves available. The team provides advice on course choices, accommodation and life in various Canadian cities that have campuses.

The free resource is offered through Facebook and Instagram.

The students who bring their knowledge are mostly from Niagara.

Erica, who is entering her third year of the University of Ottawa’s French immersion in political science program, said one thing on the minds of the dozens of already accepted and enrolled students who contacted how the programs will be. offered when September arrives.

“Many students are weighing their options in terms of whether or not they will be late in their post-secondary education,” she said, adding that the first step is to direct them to the appropriate resources already available at their college or university.

Public transportation, student residences, grocery stores near campus, nightlife, nearby recreational facilities – these are all important things students want to know about.

“A lot of our inquiries are about student life, and it’s not necessarily something you can find from your guidance counselors,” said Erica, 19.

When asked about her own expectations for September, Lauren hopes the direction taken will “make the experience as complete as possible.” The Queen’s University student is entering her fourth year of completing her Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Health Studies.

“As long as there is some kind of interaction. I think it’s important, ”she said of the expectation that the programs are deployed virtually.

Lauren, 20, said students who choose to suspend their studies for a year due to the pandemic must stay active through employment, volunteering and pursuing their passions.

“Make the most of your time,” she said.

Erica and Lauren graduated from AN Myer High School, where Vanessa will be starting grade 12 in September.


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