NIIT Open Labs Ghana to Bridge the Gender Gap in Information Technology


Ghana’s leading IT training provider, NIIT Open Labs Ghana, says it is ready to help young women and youth learn IT skills.

According to entrepreneur and director of Open Labs, Sujith Jayaprakash, the computer science courses are designed by his team to equip a number of students with the skills needed to become developers, among other things.

At the launch of the Open Labs Ghana Youth Employment Initiative, Mr. Jayaprakash said these students will be supported to find jobs after graduation.

He believes there is a need to equip young people with employable IT skills to make them more employable in order to support the economy as a whole and close the gender gap in IT.

“The objective of this program is to address two things which are closing the gender gap and reducing unemployment. Government and private institutions make efforts, but we also ensure that these students follow a particular program without paying any fees. They are allowed to pay after school in installments,” he said.

He also pointed out that these students will be monitored in their daily activities to avoid cybersecurity issues that will spoil their developments.

“The ethics of using technology are built into this curriculum, so students will be aware of it and not take undue advantage of it,” he said.

Some students also shared their expectations, indicating that they will do their best to understand everything that is taught to them.

“We are satisfied with this initiative and we will do our best to acquire the necessary knowledge in the field,” one told Joy Business.

The program will span six months and students will learn in-depth technical programs that will prepare them for a full-time career as an engineer and computer scientist.


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