Oman Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology, Omantel and Huawei organize Oman Huawei ICT Academies Conference


The Huawei ICT Academies of Oman gathered in Muscat for a premier conference at the Huawei ME ICT Training Center to share experiences and developments from the previous year. The event was organized in partnership with the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology of Oman and Omantel, with senior staff from all entities addressing students and teachers from all academies of Oman ICT.

The Huawei ICT Academy is a school-enterprise cooperation project that involves higher education institutions and helps build the local talent ecosystem and train future ICT leaders for each country. Since its launch in 2013, Huawei has built a talent supply chain covering the whole process of learning, certification and employment by deepening the cooperation mechanism between universities and enterprises. To date, the Huawei ICT Academies have benefited over 5,000 students in Oman, enabling them to develop essential ICT skills.

Fahad Al Abri, Director General of Sector Development and Capacity Building at Oman’s Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology, said: “The digital transformation goals of Oman Vision 2040 require a accelerated talent development program. Our universities cannot do it alone, so we strongly encourage partnerships across the ICT ecosystem. Huawei is a long-term strategic partner for Oman’s ICT sector, and its support to advance the ICT skills of our youth through the ICT Academy will help us achieve our goals faster.

Ibtihal Al Riyami, Managing Director of Organizational Planning at Omantel, said, “As the main enabler of Oman’s digital transformation, access to people with advanced digital skills is a necessity. As Huawei’s long-term partners in various fields, we greatly benefit from its various ICT skills development programs that enable us to improve the customer experience.”

Chenjianhan, CEO of Huawei Oman, said, “At Huawei, we remain committed to developing Oman’s ICT ecosystem and nurturing local talent through cooperation with governments, universities and industry organizations. At the Huawei ICT Academies Oman conference, we were inspired to witness the growth and development of ICT skills of talented young students across Oman. We would like to encourage all ICT academies to continue to improve their performance and focus on opening online courses and increasing the number of active students on the e-Talent platform. This will enable us to make significant progress towards the nation’s Vision 2040.”

The ceremony provided an unprecedented opportunity to assess the government and its partners on the value Huawei adds to students’ education and employment pathways and its efforts to impart skills to talented Omanis. Huawei also briefed attendees on its contribution to the growth of different sectors, including the education and ICT industries. This support will go a long way in boosting Oman Vision 2040 by preparing young people for the digital economy.

Each academy is assigned a target of 50 active students. Those who achieve the goal receive medals, which are presented at the annual ceremony. Going forward, the focus is on opening online courses and increasing the number of active students on the e-Talent platform.

The ICT Academy is one of many Huawei initiatives aimed at developing Oman’s talent ecosystem. Huawei’s other CSR programs, such as Seeds for the Future and Middle East ICT Competition, continue to provide young Omanis with cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, AI and IoT.


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