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As countries in the South grapple with the impacts of air pollution, there is considerable interest in understanding how African countries are preparing to meet this challenge, as well as what they can learn from each other and from other countries in the South. South. The Center for Science and Environment (CSE), a think tank based in New Delhi, India, is hosting an online networking conversation to understand what Africa is doing to meet the challenge of toxic air pollution

This is part of the CSE initiative to advance multi-stakeholder discussions on finding solutions to air pollution of common interest to African nations. The CSE has set up a pan-African network on clean air solutions that brings together the main regulators from different African countries to promote knowledge sharing, cross-learning and the sharing of South-South experiences on good emerging practices in the Africa region.

This conversation should help to understand the challenges facing this region, in particular the implications of the pandemic and the economic downturn for improving air quality, as well as the progress of ongoing initiatives and those undertaken in the area. post-pandemic period to make the change under the new normal program. Already, many regions of Africa are on the verge of adopting new air quality management policies and strategies, a roadmap on emission standards, improving fuel quality, limiting the import of old vehicles, improving public transport, walking and cycling, car-free zones and pedestrianization.

pedestrianization. The conversation will also focus on strategies related to clean vehicle technology and fuel quality roadmap, vehicle import policy to reduce used vehicle imports, transformation of mobility and electric mobility. This experience-sharing interaction will build more on this to inform progress and action.

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