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Over 100 black-owned businesses in Lafayette are currently registered on a platform that creates a visibility network. One of its new members says the network has generated a lot of buzz for his business.

“I mean, we’re no different from any other restaurant. We’ve been hammered by the effects of COVID, quarantine, lockdown and people out of work,” said Trey Ware, owner of Black Cafe.

His business has been around for six years and he says any additional exposure helps. So when the opportunity to join us, the local business owner decided to add his business to Shop Black Listed.

“Now we’ve been getting a lot of comments lately on social media. People have tagged us and everything. Customers are coming in to tell us about it,” Ware said.

According to the owner, a few organizations are working to bridge the gap between black consumers and black-owned businesses, but the store blacklist has really grown stronger.

“The response from this particular organization has been a bit more impactful. Not that other organizations haven’t done anything, but I feel like there’s a bit more buzz about it right now. with everything that is going on in the world, ”Articles said.

For businesses that just want to get their name out there, the resource is free. However, if you would like to see other membership options with more benefits, you can head to


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