Online Network Provides Fraudulent Resources For Seniors


CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – As millions of American seniors fall victim to fraud, a network of state agencies and organizations is providing resources for seniors to fight con artists.

“They steal billions of dollars every year in fraud and scam activity and we want to reduce that here in South Carolina,” said Jo Pauling-Jones of the AARP South Carolina Fraud Watch Network.

The Fraud Watch Network in South Carolina connects agencies such as the South Carolina Department on Aging, the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office, the Department of Consumer Affairs, the State Law Enforcement Division, and others. He helps these groups work together to root out con artists in the state.

The online resource includes information on scams specifically targeting seniors. It also includes tools to find scams in your area and a place to report scams.

“We can share that type of information with the members who are there, whether it’s SLED or local law enforcement, and make sure we share that information,” said Pauling-Jones.

The Fraud Resource Center has information on nearly 70 common scams with warning signs for each. Scams often share similarities, they can target you in different ways.

“They keep evolving because the crooks aren’t sitting quietly by the wayside. They are watching what is going on and they are adapting their tactics to what is going on in our country, ”said Pauling-Jones.

These resources are not only good for the elderly, but also for anyone who can care for an older parent or grandparent.

If you have any questions about scams or need to report a scam, you can call the Fraud Watch Hotline at 877-908-3360.

If you have a scam story to share, email Kyle Jordan at [email protected]

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