Pokemon Legends: Arceus would use Nintendo’s new online network for a more stable connection


Pokemon Legends: Arceus apparently uses Nintendo’s new online network leading to a more stable internet connection while playing.

This claim comes from @thomasnet_mc (via My Nintendo News) who says: “Pokemon Legends: Arceus uses NPLN, Nintendo’s new and improved online networking library.” This means that the new network should offer players a more stable connection when playing online, including on mobile networks, explains Thomas.

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If you’re wondering how Thomas would know – given that Pokemon Legends: Arceus isn’t due out for a week yet – we have bad news. Many aspects of Pokemon Legends: Arceus leaked online, including screenshots, maps, and gameplay. This is due to some people getting their copies of the game early as well as others selling their first copies on eBay.

Be warned, there are some minor Pokemon Legends: Arceus spoilers ahead.

In a thread, also by Thomas, the Twitter user explains why Pokemon Legends: Arceus might need to use Nintendo’s new online network, given that the game is single-player and doesn’t appear to have any battles online. line or cooperative elements for this. In the tweet, Thomas shared our first look at a feature in Legends Arceus called Lost and Found. This service allows players to return any lost items found during their travels to other players via the Internet in exchange for merit points.

In other Pokemon Legends: Arceus news, The Pokemon Company recently posted a Pokemon Legends Scenic Tour Video: Arceuswhich gives players a 360-degree view of the Hisui region before the majority of us experience it for ourselves on January 28, 2022.

Just looking forward to stepping back in time in the Hisui region? To find 5 ways Pokemon Legends Arceus will shake up the series’ formula.


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