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AUDUBON COUNTY – The ad for an Audubon County information technology employee has begun, and the Audubon County Board of Supervisors agreed Tuesday to have it published online and in Audubon County newspapers.

Earlier this month, the board approved the creation of a full-time position for the courthouse and the termination of the contract with IP Pathways, with which the company’s county officials worked for services. computers when the contract expires in late August or early September.

Council Chairman Doug Sorensen and Council Member Rick Thompson said earlier this month that Iowa Counties Information Technology (ICIT) officials recommend that each county have its own IT person because, Sorensen said, that can be financially beneficial.

“ICIT advised us that it was financially better to have our own in-house IT specialist,” he said.

“(ICIT) also talked about salaries,” Thompson said. “You’re not going to find a qualified person starting for less than $80,000.”

But Sorensen added that the county is currently paying more than $120,000 for IP Pathways.

On Tuesday, Sorensen said the county received a letter from IP Pathways saying company officials would terminate the contract with the county on June 11, but also said officials at the County Memorial Hospital in Audubon were offering to help with any IT services if the county “went into a pickle”. .”

The board agreed to put a salary of $70,000 and/or an experience-based salary in the ad, and suggested that a committee review the nominations before making recommendations to the board.

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