Structural fire destroys house in Mt. Vernon | New


As residents of the Mt. Vernon duplex left their homes safely, they lost everything in a fire that started late Sunday night.

Grant County Sheriff Todd McKinley said the blaze started a wildfire on Harper Creek, but crews were able to put it out before it spread. He said extinguishing the wildfire was the priority, as the duplex – which belonged to Toby Parsons – was on fire when they arrived.

He said teams had to truck water to put out the blaze.

McKinley said the Mt. Vernon Fire Department had two engines and three tenders while the John Day Fire Department provided mutual aid with the engines and tenders. He said the Fire Department and the Grant County Sheriff’s Office were on the scene until 3:30 a.m.

According to McKinley, Parsons’ family have a family in the area where they are staying, while the other family was at the hotel last night. He said the Red Cross was called in to lend a hand last night.

While the cause of the fire is still under investigation, McKinley said the probable cause was a propane barbecue stove.

McKinley said it is essential to be careful when using barbecues.

“Be careful and watch your cooking sources,” he said. “Anytime you cook or use a fire. “

In a separate incident Monday morning, McKinley said a grass fire on Widows Creek that was started by welding by a fence builder was quickly put out.


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