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The NFT market seemingly came out of nowhere and grew rapidly, reaching $25 billion in 2021. As the industry continues to grow in popularity, new players are joining the game. Enter The EGG Collective, a community aimed at helping players new and experienced in the NFT space with tools to invest their money safely.

What makes the EGG Collective different? The NFT market is saturated with blue chip derivatives and super hyped projects with anonymous founders and little transparency. Much like during the dot-com boom, many of these projects are unlikely to yield results, leaving investors and participants with worthless NFTs in their wallets. This unique collection seeks to put an end to this unfortunate phenomenon. There are many different unique utilities provided when you own the EGG Collective NFT, including but not limited to the following;

• As the owner of the first generation NFT project, EGG Collective, you have access to various tools to help you identify good and bad projects.

• You will be offered community access to a variety of tools, giving you the opportunity to browse their website and enter an existing or upcoming project and see if the projects you are interested in have met the standards to be a DLC (Dummy Labs certified project). Additionally, you can see a “crypto credit score”, a score calculated using AI technology, tracing contracts/wallets to identify if they have been associated with scams/carpets. To put it simply, if you see a project you’re interested in and it’s not DLC certified and the contract has a rating of say 20, it’s probably a good bet not to invest your money in that project .

• All holders will also have access to courses launched to help them learn more about cyber/portfolio security, what it means to do your own research and identify red flags with the aim of turning every holder into a better investor safer and smarter in the NFT space.

Clayton Brown, the founder of EGG Collective and Dummy Labs have devoted a great deal of attention, time and energy to creating an innovative solution to put an end to the scams/rugshots that are becoming commonplace in the NFT space. . Clayton is a Blockchain enthusiast who is dedicated to creating a better environment in the NFT community. After serving 6 years in the United States Coast Guard, he has spent most of his adult life helping others and is now making his impact on blockchain.

Dummy Labs serves as a central database hub between project creators and the public to build trust and evolve the space into a safe place to invest. When asked what inspires the company, Clayton Brown said, “Safety is our number one priority. We seek to contribute to the evolution of the space, providing a new standard for project creators and consumers.



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