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Screenshot of a presentation produced by the Texas A&M Information Technology Division.

Texas A&M IT is in the process of moving more than 37,000 employee email accounts to a new platform.

Switching to Microsoft 365 was among the topics discussed at the July A&M Faculty Senate meeting by Acting VP IT and CIO Ed Pierson.

Pierson also said A&M students will continue to be logged into the Google platform. Pierson has also been keeping an eye on when Google will start charging for currently free services.

Pierson said the department spent the summer returning to in-person teaching after adjusting to distance learning during last year’s pandemic. This included the flagship campus having a total of 8,700 wireless access points as of September.

Another priority online is security. Pierson says isolated online environments are gone.

Pierson’s presentation also shared the following stats from A&M IT:

The department protects more than 787,000 active identities.

There are over 44,000 unique devices on the A&M network every day, using 4,000 miles of a wired network on campus, which is the equivalent of driving from College Station to Spokane Washington and back again.

A&M’s computer network processes 220 million emails every month. If each email is printed on a piece of paper, the monthly stack would be over 13 miles high.

A & M’s IT department blocks over 20 billion attacks every month, blocks over 30 million malicious emails every month, and over six million files are scanned for classified and sensitive information every month .

Click HERE to read and download the computer presentation that was presented at the Texas A&M Senate meeting on July 12, 2021.

Click below for Ed Pierson’s comments during the Texas A&M Senate meeting on July 12, 2021.

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