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Imagine going to any hospital in the Central Eastern Ontario region and your healthcare team had real-time access to all of your hospital’s medical information so they could provide the most needed care. safer for you or your loved ones. Consider the peace of mind that a modern computerized personal health record would provide, with less need for you or your loved ones to repeat your medical history as you move from hospital to hospital.

This vision will be realized from December 3, 2021. On that day, Lakeridge Health, along with six partner hospital organizations in east-central Ontario, will present Epic. Epic is a modern and secure computerized clinical information system that will provide a unique personal health record for every patient in the region.

As the largest and most transformative project in Lakeridge Health’s history, Epic is a game-changer and will dramatically improve the way care is delivered in the Central East region for generations to come.

Thanks to Epic, healthcare providers across our region will be better able to work with each other to make the best possible decision about a person’s care and treatment. Since information is real-time, we anticipate better results through a more transparent experience, and standardized tools and processes through the Epic system will help reduce duplication of tests and ensure care is of the highest level. quality and safety.

Epic will help advance our vision for a single system. Better health, supporting healthier populations in Durham Region and beyond.

This is an extraordinary achievement, the planning of which took many years. The new Epic Clinical Information System will be put into service not only at Lakeridge Health, but also at Campbellford Memorial Hospital, Haliburton Highlands Health Services, Northumberland Hills Hospital, Peterborough Regional Health Center, Ross Memorial Hospital and the Scarborough Health System.

This joint effort represents the largest number of individual organizations across Ontario coming together to provide this safer, more transparent and more patient-friendly experience to more than 1.5 million Ontarians.

As Lakeridge Health shifts to this faster, safer, and better way of providing care, patients and families may initially notice longer wait times than usual and some processes that will be performed differently. For example, if you arrive at one of our emergency departments or an outpatient clinic or if you arrive for your day surgery appointment, some processes may take a little longer than usual, because our staff become familiar with the system.

We thank you in advance for your patience. Our teams value your understanding as they improve their understanding and use of new technology.

In addition, the launch of Epic will include a new MyChart Central Eastern Ontario patient portal where you can access your medical records and personal health information. Learn more about how you can sign up for MyChart Central Eastern Ontario at

Epic is one of the world’s largest electronic health record software companies. Lakeridge Health and our partners in the Central East region are in good company with other leading hospitals in North America that also offer this system, including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Ottawa Hospital, the SickKids and others.

We are excited about our Epic transformation and the benefits it will bring to our region. To learn more, visit our website at

Dr Ilan Lenga is Chief Information Officer and Director of Medical Information, Lakeridge Health.



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