Virginia Department of Human Services information system not sustainable, state inspector says


RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – According to a recent audit by the Office of the State Inspector General, there are now concerns about the services of the Virginia Department of Human Services, including the current information tracking system of the department.

OASIS – short for Online Automated Services Information System – is the Virginia Department of Family Services’ current referral tracking system. This system provides an online record for several social service programs, including child protective services, to local social service offices throughout the state.

However, the Office of the State Inspector General is now concerned about the system’s ability to function in the future.

“OASIS has limited integration with other Virginia Department of Human Services applications,” said State Inspector General Michael C. Westfall. “OASIS does not comply with new federal regulations established by the Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System, making mandatory reporting difficult.”

In addition to the system not aligning with current federal regulations, an audit report from the Office of the State Inspector General found that OASIS lacks the support needed to add new functionality and is also limited in how it can track information submitted through the system.

The report also revealed several problems with social services at the local level. According to the audit report, telephones to local Department of Social Services offices did not direct callers to contact local law enforcement and included an incorrect CPS hotline number. Many local social services offices also do not advertise tools such as the Hired Reporters Portal, which allows hired reporters to submit reports online to child protective services.

The Office of the State Inspector General has made several recommendations to the Department of Human Services, including the implementation and maintenance of a new statewide tracking system, the requiring localities to review their after-hours messaging and conducting more frequent training on policies and procedures for local social workers.

The Department of Social Services plans to make these corrections by December 2025.


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