World’s first digital passenger information system by Siemens Mobility


Siemens Mobility, redefining mobility with smart infrastructure, sustainability, passenger experience and availability and a separately managed company from Siemens, has developed, together with Wiener Linien, the company that operates most of the transport network joint venture of the city of Vienna, Austria, an innovative digital passenger information and guidance system for the Vienna metro. The dynamic and visual presentation of information in the car will make using public transport in the city even easier and more convenient. In-car screens above each train door display provide passengers with real-time information about alternate routes and connections to the next station. The system will debut on lines U1-U4 of the Vienna Metro with the launch of the first new X-car in 2022.

“With the new X-car, Viennese have a state-of-the-art metro car that delivers all the latest information where they need it: on the go. We are proud to be the first public transport company in the world to offer this service,” said Alexandra Reinagl, Managing Director of Wiener Linien.

“The X-car is also an important software project: our digital solutions bring fully automated operations and an innovative and globally unique passenger information system to Vienna. Passengers receive information when they need it, making public transport even more attractive, efficient and convenient,” said Albrecht Neumann, CEO of Rolling Stock, Siemens Mobility.

The new Passenger Info Plus system was developed by Siemens Mobility and adapted together with Wiener Linien to meet the special requirements of public transport in Vienna. The innovative solution was presented to the public at a media event on January 10, 2022.

Arnulf Wolfram, CEO Siemens Mobility Austria, Alexandra Reinagl, Member of the Management Board Wiener Linien, Peter Hanke, Executive City Council for Economy and Public Transport | © Photo: Siemens Mobility

Direct display of relevant and dynamic passenger information

Screens above each door inside the X-car display relevant and continuously updated information for passengers. Screens above the doors that will open at the next station show the direction of station exits, other lines for connections, and departure times for those lines.

Screens above the doors on the opposite side of the platform display a digital map of the subway network and the train’s current position. The dynamic map shows train position, direction of travel, next stop and important transfer options. Additional information, such as the current status of other subway lines or out-of-service elevators, can also be displayed on both sides of the car. The new passenger information system provides all relevant information when passengers need it.

The innovative digital passenger information system is being intensively prepared for service. The X-car is currently undergoing extensive testing in preparation for its upcoming operational certification. When Car X is approved, passengers will be able to board their new subway train for the first time next year.

With its subsidiary Hacon, Siemens Mobility has had an expert in the field of digital passenger information and communication on board since 2017. Day after day, more than 100 million passengers worldwide use the apps and solutions Hacon’s online door-to-door trip planning, including real-time information systems and personalized push notifications.

SOURCE: Siemens Mobility


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